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Revolutionary Water Gun Battle 2008

Date: August 16th 12:00PM
Location: The Esplanade

The Revolutionary Water Gun Battle was a true success.  Over 375 Banditos swarmed the Esplanade for an all out battle. Speeches were given.  Muskets were loaded.  And yes, Robots with bubbles stormed the field.

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words…

The Recap.

Our nation was born of an epic clash between the colonists who lived here and the British who ruled over them.  In the tens of decades that have passed since independence, the city of Boston has remained peaceful.  Until… the British and Colonists met again on the Esplinade on Saturday, August 16th.  This time, they did battle with water-guns.

Participants signed up via email ahead of time, and were assigned a side.  Depending on the army they belonged to, Colonists wore blue:


And the British, of course, wore red:

Each side was led by a fearless general:


The battlefield was set

Then went back and egged on their troops on, directing them to attack.

And attack they did!

The water battling was merciless!



Just when it was starting to seem like the armies could not go on…

They were visited by three strangers:

The mysterious visitors had come from THE FUTURE!  In their time, they were known as “robots.”

These “robots” had come in the name of peace.  They brought with them bubbles of peace:

The robots’ message of peace was quickly adopted by both sides of the army…

… but eventually abandoned.



The water war continued until all resources were exhausted!



A good time was had by all:

A great time was had by all.  A big thanks to all those who showed up, engaged in a fun-filled battle and helped cleaned up afterwards.  To all those brave photographers (such as: polarbare, inatizzy, chickenbut789, inatizzy, ittoku [aka eddric lee], fillingthev0id, tomtheman5, etc), thanks for helping document the mayhem. 

And now, some pictures in motion:

Revolutionary War Water-gun Re-enactment from Nick Carlisle on Vimeo.

The Colonial General’s Speech

The British General’s Speech

*Front photo credit, by Tom-5″

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