Gift Swap Location!

Date: November 23rd 1:00PM
Location: Boston Common

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Saturday's observance of the Holiday Mashup Gift Swap will be held on the Boston Common.

Two very important things to keep in mind:

1) This is not a long event. There's always a person or two who arrives too late, and we don't want that happening ever again! We are starting at 1pm, so don't miss out!

2) In keeping with the don't-be-late message of point #1, we are lead to understand that this weekend the T will be using shuttle buses between Kendall and Park. So if you're coming from Camberville, please take those delays into account.

Holiday Mashup Gift Swap

Date: November 23rd 1:00PM

Approximately every ten-thousand years or so a momentous event occurs: Hanukkah overlaps with the great holiday of Thanksgiving, giving rise to Thanksgivukkah (which is too a thing). This once-in-an-aeon event got us thinking... Why should those two festivals have all the fun? Which other holidays could be mashed up? And wouldn't a multi-holiday celebration be the perfect opportunity to exchange homemade gifts?

This year, don't just observe one holiday at a time! Pick two (or more!) of your favorites, mash 'em together, and create something new! Have you ever celebrated Evacuarbor Day, when George Washington forced the trees to flee Boston? Or how about good ol' Halloster, when you hide eggs whenever children ring your doorbell. The calendrical choice is up to you!

The straightforward guidelines:
-Please don't bring food-based gifts. Giving someone an allergic reaction isn't very festive!
-Please bring a homemade gift. We have no idea what holiday portmanteau you're going to come up with, but we know that DIY is traditional!
-Even with your festive costume, remember to dress warmly. We don't want to be responsible if you catch cold.

So start designing your gift and stitching the traditional garb of your chosen holiday mashup, then join us for a Banditos Misterosos Gift Swap like none other!

See you then!

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