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Water Gun Fight 2013

Date: July 20th 1:00PM
Location: Cambridge Common

Inquiring Banditos need to know: What's your favorite season?

Maybe you love spring with its blooms, or you think itís an allergy nightmare. Summer may be your time to enjoy the beach, or maybe to you itís three miserable months of sweat. Perhaps you love the colorful leaves and crisp air of autumn, or it could be all you see is raking and back-to-school shopping. It could be youíre a winter person who loves nothing more to wake up to fresh snow, or you just see long nights and lots of shoveling.

This yearís water gun battle is going to give you the chance to fight for your side! On Saturday, July 20th @ 1:00 pm join us for a wet and wild battle royale to determine once and for all which season rules them all.

Choose your season and show up wearing your teamís color:

Summer: Yellow
Autumn: Red
Winter: Blue
Spring: Green

This year's battle will once again be at the Cambridge Common. See map here:

Don't forget to get creative with your team spirit and show your seasonal pride with costumes!

Load up your water guns and get ready for the most seasonal water battle in history. We'll see you there!!

<3 Banditos

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