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Banditos Misteriosos
Chris Andrews
Paris Marie
Team Per Tantrum

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The Clues! The Beautiful, Beautiful Clues!

Were you unable to make our in-person start? Worry not!

Here are all the clues you'll need to successfully participate in Banditos Misterifotos:

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Remember to upload your album to our website by 11:00am Sunday, June 16 to be eligible for our contests (but still upload them after, we want to see your awesome and creative photos!)

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Banditos Misterifotos Guidelines

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Teams will meet here on Saturday, June 15th @ 11am. If you don't come with a team, you can join one! From the event's start, teams have 24 hours to take as many photos as they can and must upload them to our website by Sunday @ 11am. Albums must contain your team name and each photo must be labeled with the corresponding clue number.

If you can't make the in-person start, the Clue Sheet will be posted online by 1pm on Saturday -- but some clues may require that you be there in person, so don't miss out!

Banditos Misterifotos II

Date: June 15th 11:00AM
Location: Boston Common

You may love Boston, but do you *know* Boston? There's only one way to find out... participate in our photo scavenger hunt, Banditos Misterifotos!

On the morning of Saturday, June 15, we'll all meet on the Common to distribute the clue list. Spend the day deciphering our super-clever prompts, running around town, and taking as many pictures as you can! Upload all photos to our website within 24 hours to be entered into the competition for:

- The Most Photos!
- The Funniest Photo!
- The Cleverest Photo!
- The Artsiest Photo!
- The Critics' Choice Photo!
- The People's Choice Photo!

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Boston is a playground. Banditos Misteriosos is the city's mysterious playmate. We are an organization dedicated to bringing Boston alive with a slew of activities that are free, open to everybody and most importantly, just a little bit out of the ordinary. Here's how to get involved:

"Best of Boston - Best Kept Secret"
Ain't that misteriosos.

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