Company-Wide Gift Swap

Date: November 17th 12:00PM
Location: Cambridge Common

TO: Company Personnel

FROM: Banditos Misteriosos

RE: Company Retreat Gift Swap Announcement

Attention all employees:

Please mark SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17th in your calendars as the date of the annual company-wide, group-synergy, budget-wasting, Do-It-Yourself retreat and gift swap. As in years past, we ask all employees to bring a hand-made, non-edible gifts to swap with others. As not in years past, the retreat will no longer feature Shannon from Accounts Receivable leading us in a session of furniture yoga or Bill giving his award-winning presentation, "Powerpoints and YOU." In its stead, Ted from Sales Force Alpha has promised a special surprise.

We will be announcing the location for this exciting opportunity in a few weeks.

Banditos Misteriosos

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- Handmade desk clutter: knitting, collage, pottery, art, etc.
- Personalized server file: share your favorite business documents. (Or load music onto a CD.)
- Homemade Inbox/Outbox accessories: scarves, mittens, what-have-you.
- A unique decoration or ornament for the giftee's cubicle ("home").


- Week-old English muffins from the back of the break room refrigerator. We told you to clean that out!
- An old, soiled something you don't want anymore
- A bag of candy that you picked up from the supply closet (those are for meetings only!)
- Food of any type. OSHA mandates that you don't know what dietary restrictions your giftee will have.

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