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Location Announcements Sent!!!

The location announcements for the event today have been sent out! If you feel like you didn't receive your email, check your spam folder.

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CYOA2012 Registrations Closed

For the first time in Banditos history, we have unfortunately needed to close off registrations for one of our events! Due to a very high level of demand for this year’s Choose Your Own Adventure and a limited number of groups that we can serve during the event, we needed to cap the amount of people registering.

You may, however, sign up for our waitlist and we will contact you if enough people un-register and free up some space. That signup for can be found here:

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you at one of our other events in the future!

-The Banditos

Choose Your Own Adventure 2012

Date: September 29th 1:00PM
Location: TBA

Banditos Misteriosos is excited to announce that this year’s Choose Your Own Adventure will be held on Saturday, September 29th! Our biggest and most unique event of the year is shaping up to be even bigger and uniquer due to a generous grant received from The Awesome Foundation. That means props! Costumes! Maybe even a few expensive surprises!

For those of you joining this event for the first time, our Choose Your Own Adventure is just like one of those books that you (or your parents) read as a child. But instead of boring words on a boring page, your story is played out in front of you by a team of enthusiastic actors spread out across the city. Each of the characters you meet will give you a choice that affects the outcome of your story. You’ll also have fun puzzles to solve and games to play in order to advance the plot. The end result is a truly unique experience dependent on the actions you’ve taken. How your tale ends is up to you!

Still need convincing? You can check out what happened on last year’s adventure here:

In this year’s story, you’re a student at Mapleridgepark Elementary. You and your classmates in Mrs. Higgins’ 4th grade class will be going on a field trip to the local petting zoo. What happens next is completely up to you! Will it just be another boring day at the petting zoo? Or will it be a thrilling day at the petting zoo, full of action, intrigue, and the fate of the universe hanging in the balance? The answer may surprise you! So pack your lunches, get a full night’s rest, and make sure you bring your signed permission slip (PDF), because this will be the best field trip where-nothing-at-all-unexpected-or-unusual-happens you've ever had!

In order to attend this event (and this is important), you must register on our webpage through this link:

Finally, check the below list of Frequently Asked Questions about this event. If you find yourself curious about something that’s not on this list, send us an email at

We’ll see you in class on September 29th!
<3 Banditos

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CYOA Frequently Asked Questions:

When exactly does the event start and how long does it last?
The event will start anywhere from 1pm to 4pm, depending on the start time that you will receive. The story will take you around two to three hours to complete.

Where will the starting location be?
On midnight of the day before we will email you with the starting location and your group’s start time. The starting location will definitely be accessible by MBTA subway.

Is this event family friendly?
Yes! We have had lots of families participate in this event in years past. Plus, this year we are making an extra effort to have separate versions of the puzzles and tasks that will be geared more towards an elementary aged difficulty level.

What will the group sizes be?
We will be forming groups of 6 to 8.

What if my group is less than 6 people?
If your group has fewer than 6 people, we’ll put you together with another smaller group and you'll make new friends for life / an afternoon. When combining smaller groups, we will try our best to not put family groups with non-family groups.

What if my group is more than 8 people?
That’s fine too. You all can participate together. Just anticipate that some stations will be set up for six to eight people so not everyone in your team will be able to participate in every task.

Does everyone in my group need to register?
Yes! The planning of this event is very highly dependent on knowing exactly how many participants we’ll have. Please make sure all of your friends who plan to attend register on our webpage.

What happens if it rains on the 29th?
Our rain date is Sunday, September 30th. If it’s also raining on the 30th we’ll try Saturday October 6th. Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of emails about any changes in date.

What / how do we win?
This event isn't about winning or losing! It's about being a part of a truely unique experience. And at the end you'll probably get some kind of (hopefully impressive) memento to remind you of the day.

Is it fun?
Of course! You might even call it "intellectual," like in this wonderful blog about last year’s event.

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