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Water Battle 2012 Location Announced!

The location of this year's epic water battle has been announced to those who registered!

If you did not receive the announcement email when you thought you should have, try checking your spam folder (and then setting "" to never be spam again). Or just try registering again.

And yes, it's not too late to register if you haven't yet. Just click here!

Water Gun 2012: See Something, Spray Something

Date: July 14th 2:00PM
Location: TBA


Attention Boston: The next Banditos train to Funville is now approaching!

That's right folks, the Banditos Misteriosos' 5th Annual Water Gun Fight is coming up! This year our theme is the MBTA: After a long hot week of cramming onto the T to join the rat race with your fellow working stiffs, students, and other assorted sad sacks, blow off some steam this summer by joining us on Saturday, July 14th for a four-way battle royale to see which train line reigns supreme. The location will be announced at midnight the night before the event, but it will NOT actually be on a train and definitely won't be the Esplanade this time.

So fill your tanks, ready your watery weapons, and pick out your finest orange, blue, red, or green attire (sorry Silver Line, everybody knows you're a bus). Register by clicking here, and join us for the metaphorical ride of your life! Bonus points will be awarded to participants who dress up in T-related costumes. (Points will be distributed in the form of water.)

Until then, stay cool, stay dry, and remember: if you see something, spray something!

The Banditos

P.S. Sign up early to represent the T of your choice. Latecomers will be subject to schedule adjustments.

P.P.S. The fight will not actually be on the T. Please do not spray anybody on the T

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