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Banditos Misteriosos
THE WINNERS: Ma-jamel-toes
FUNNIEST: [name of team]
MOST ARTISTIC: The Red White & Blues

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Banditos Misterifotos 2012 Winners!

Hey movers/shakers/money-makers,

After hours of painstaking deliberation and photo-judging, we are proud to reveal the winners of the Banditos Misterifotos contests!

Most Points: Ma-jamel-toes
Artsiest Photo: #36, The Red Whites and Blues
Funniest Photo: #13, [Name of Team]

Congratulations! Please have a representative email to receive your prize.

And congratulations to all the participants! Looking through the 32 albums we were blown away by the creativity and fun-lovingness on display. If you haven't yet seen the album of our favorite photos, check it out now!

Keep groovin',
Banditos <3

The Clues!

And now for those groups not able to make the in person start time, here's the link to download the clue sheet!


Remember, if you're not in Boston... no problem! You can do the non Boston clues, and if you get creative with the others, we'll still give you points!

Looking forward to seeing your photos tomorrow at noon!

Misterifotos Guidelines!

Below are the guidelines for Banditos Misterifotos. Please follow these rules for uploading your albums to our website. Oh, and have fun!

Q: Do I have to do this by myself?
A: Gosh no! We encourage teams to participate. If you want to fly solo, however, be our guest!

Q: There's a ton of cool stuff going on in Boston that day, why should I choose yours over another?
A: You can do both! We've structured the event so that you can attend some of the great other events happening on May 19 (in fact, you may even have to...)

Q: I won't be able to make the 11am starting time, either because of my schedule or because I don't live in the area, but I really want to take some pictures. Can you send me the list?
A: We'll be posting the task list online a few hours after the in-person start time. Check our Facebook page and sign up for our email list (at right) to know when it's up!

Q: I won't have all afternoon to take pictures, should I still participate?
A: Heck yes! We encourage everyone to take as many pictures as they can. We also encourage you to upload them after the deadline--you won't be eligible to win a contest, but we'd still love to see what you come up with!

Q: Contest?
A: Yep, we'll have three contests based on the photos!

Q: And they are...?
A: Oh, right! 1) The most artistic picture. 2) The funniest picture. 3) The team that gets the most points (aka, takes the most photos).

Click here for the guidelines!

Banditos Misterifotos

Date: May 19th 11:00AM
Location: Boston Common

Make sure your camera batteries are charged and your memory cards are empty, because the next Banditos Misteriosos event is a Photo Scavenger Hunt!

On Saturday, May 19, we will challenge you to photograph as much of our misterioso list of tasks as you can in a day. We will gather together at 11am to disseminate the list, but we'll be posting it online a couple hours later if you can't be there in person. You have until noon on May 20 to upload the records of your day onto our website. Then, our crack team of judges will... judge... each team's (or individual's) offering to the photo gods. Winners will be declared! Fun will be had! Photos will be scavenged!

>>>Facebook Event

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