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DIY Gift Swap 2011: Homecoming Dance

Date: November 12th 2:00PM
Location: JFK Park

Dust off those letter jackets, iron out your formal wear, and get ready to root for the home team... because it's almost time for the 2011 Banditos Homecoming Dance! Which is really just our way of presenting...

The 4th Annual Banditos Misteriosos Do-It-Yourself Gift Swap!

Folks, it's been a while since we've seen your smiling faces, and as fall rolls into winter, we figured a homecoming-themed gift swap was just what the doctor ordered. We'll provide the ambiance, the bad 90's music, and the smarmy photographer; you provide the embarrassing memories of years past, the awkward small-talk with people who haven't seen each other in ages... and, of course, the gifts!

The concept is simple: Bring something special, home-made, unique, and wrapped, which you'll end up giving to a complete stranger. You'll have no idea who's going to get it; our interactive, silly, secret, wacky wonky Banditos formula will determine that. And in return, you'll go home with your own special, home-made, unique, and wrapped gift from another complete stranger -- all with a cozy aura of sentimental nostalgia.

In past years, we've seen some really awesome home-made gifts, and we've decided to up the ante this year by making DIY gifts a requirement, as opposed to the "let me find some piece of junk I don't want anymore"-method. You don't have to be a masterful artisan to participate. We just ask that you put some thought, care, and TLC into what you bring.


- Handmade crafts: knitting, collage, pottery, art, etc... show off your mad skillz!
- Personalized mix CD: share your favorite music and make a cool cover!
- Homemade clothing accessories: scarves, mittens, what-have-you!
- A unique decoration or ornament for the giftee's home or office!
- And many more!


- Week-old English muffins from the back of your cupboard
- An old, soiled something you don't want anymore
- A bag of CVS-brand candy that you picked up on the way to the event
- Food (yes, even homemade... you don't know what dietary restrictions your giftee will have)

It's pretty simple: don't give something you wouldn't want to get. Be creative! Be resourceful! Make it fun!

We hope to see you there! The magic happens at JFK Park, in Cambridge.

If you’d like to dress up for a homecoming dance, fantastic! Otherwise, just bring your *wrapped* gift!

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