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Water Gun 2011: The Battle for Boston

Date: June 18th 2:00PM
Location: Register to find out!

Start your summer right, with the Banditos Misteriosos 4th Annual Water Gun Fight! Reenact the secret origin of Bostonís history, the epic battle between the Back Bay Swamp Creatures and the Revere Horse Men. As everyone knows, the aftermath of this battle resulted in the signing of the Boston Constitution.

Staying true to Boston's historical roots, this water gun fight will focus on these two legendary forces, locking horns on the field of battle.

For all the highlighted images from last year's battle, the Clash of Ages, click below:

>> Last Year's Battle <<

TBA at 11:59PM on June 17

Army Assignment:
Participants will be asked to register for the Swamp Creatures or Horse Men by June 17 at 6 PM. Simply go to the registration page, enter your email (and a friend's to be on the same team), and click ďRegister!Ē

The night before the event, emails will be sent out with your mustering location.

All participants will be asked to wear a shirt with their army's color. Of course, we always welcome additional accessories, but your team color shirts allow your fellow soldiers to identify you.

Swamp Creatures Army:
Uniform: Green (optional accoutrements include wreathes, scuba gear, leaves, etc.)

Horse Men Army
Uniform: Brown (optional accoutrements include manes, stirrups, horseshoes, etc.)

- 1 water gun of your choice
- Filled two-liter bottles (for refilling your water gun)
- 1 backpack to hold water bottles
- Your fighting vigor and a love of Bostonís history

Please be aware of electronics during this event; if you see someone with a camera or camcorder, please don't fire at them. Please donít bring balloons or anything other than regular water for the guns. Also, remember we are using public property; let's be nice to it.

Everything will make sense when you receive your location email on the 17th.

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