Gift Swap Location Announcement

Date: December 18th 2:00PM
Location: Greenway at Milk Street

Choose Your Own Holiday Gift Swap Location Announcement

Location: The Greenway at Milk Street
More Specifics: Directly across from the Aquarium and the Harbor Garage.
How to Get There: Blue line to Aquarium or Blue/Orange line to State.
More Specific Google Map: Here!

Hope you are excited. This holiday only comes once a year, or ever. Depending on the holiday you are choosing...

See you at 1:55PM! We'll be the really obvious looking ones...

Choose Your Own Holiday Gift Swap

Date: December 18th 2:00PM
Location: TBA on Friday, December 17th @ 11:59PM

Hola Banditos,

Does this number mean anything to you? Well, according to the Department of Labor (and Wikipedia), there are 52 national holidays every year. That's a holiday for every single week, and well, we want to celebrate that all those holidays exist!

Thus, in honor of holidays, and most importantly, presents, it is with pride that Banditos Misteriosos announces our Choose Your Own Holiday Gift Swap. This event is akin to our gift swaps of the past, but, now we are opening the floodgates.

There are so many holidays and celebrations out there, so it is up to you to choose your favorite. Or, even make up your own. Anything goes. Groundhog Day. Christmas Part Deux. Parking-maid Appreciation Day...the possibilities are practically endless.

We're sure you can even find or create a holiday that the exciting workers at the Department of Labor overlooked.

All the details below the fold

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