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We hope you enjoyed today's Very Merry Unbirthday Giftswap!  Over 100 Banditos showed up for quite the trading of DIY gifts, complete with accordion music, jugglers and costumed announcers.

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Very Merry UnBirthday Gift Swap

Date: December 6th 2:00PM
Location: Copley Square

Birthday parties are nice.  But, it's always about the gifts.  Thus it with pride that Banditos Misteriosos announces its Very Merry UnBirthday Gift Swap!

For those that went to last season's Freeform Gift Swap (click for link), the initial premise is somewhat similar, but this time we are celebrating a birthday - yours!  We will be providing the ambiance, music, and other such goodies; all you need to bring is a simple gift.

The only condition is that this gift is homemade. We are pro-DIY.  Participants are asked to not bring anything purchased in a store.  Of course, these gifts do not need to be masterpieces of work and time, just take a walk on the creative side.  Macaroni of course makes a great constructive medium.

Consider this a Yankee Gift Swap mixed with your 4th grade birthday party... minus the clown and the minivan-carpools.

Trust us, we throw great birthday parties.  And you are invited.

All the details under the cut.

Gift Details:
The gift should not be bought in any fashion.  Glue, tape, scissors, musical mixes are enough to bring any idea to life.

We can't all be artists, but we can all utilize our arts and crafts skills of years past to put together something neat.

Of course, be creative! You don't want to be that friend who showed up with a re-used hallmark card.

Wrapping Details:
The greatest part of getting a gift is unwrapping it, thus, we are asking that every gift be wrapped!

But, in the spirit of being environmentally responsible, we ask that all gifts be wrapped in old paper products.  Anything from old wrapping paper to outdated YM magazines are fair game.  Of course, some gifts might be difficult to wrap, but that's the challenge!

Bows are of course great.

The party location will be announced on Saturday at 11:59PM.

Swapping Instructions:
It's pretty straight forward!

Participants will be asked to arrive no later than 1:50pm.

Once at the announced area, you will see Banditos wearing blue shirts and bandanas.  Merely walk up to them and receive instructions.  At 2:00 trading will commence.

Besides that, everything is pretty much all set. Good luck in your gift construction!

As always, spread the word! It's not a birthday party, if your friends aren't there to celebrate with you.

Getting older is awesome, soon you'll be able to stay up past 8:00PM.

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