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Boston = #2! Pillow Fight = Marriage!

The numbers are starting to trickle in and it seems Boston had the second largest pillow fight in the world this past Saturday!

In other news, the word on the street is that someone got proposed to in the middle in of the pillow fight! Pillow Fights = Best place for romance and engagement!

World Pillow Fight Day 2009 = Success!

Easily over 1,100 Banditos swarmed Christopher Columbus Park, pillows swinging and battling it out with pillows and feathers! Children ran around, panda outfits jumped into the mix, feathers were mistakingly eaten... it was an all around great event!     

This placed Boston as the the second largest pillow fight in the world, out of over 70 cities.  An extra shout out to all those brave volunteers who stayed after to help clean up!

We'll see you at our next event, and most definitely at next years pillow fight.

As always.


Pillow Fight Day 2009

Date: April 4th 3:00PM
Location: Columbus Park

Banditos Misteriosos is proud to announce that once again, Boston will be participating in World Pillow Fight Day.

Last year, over 16 cities worldwide participated in the First Annual Pillow Fight Day, with over 600 Banditos of all ages battling it out in Boston.  And its happening again this year.  This time, with more cities.

Budapest, Cape Town, Caracas, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York City, Orlando, Paris, Stockholm, Valencia, Vancouver, Washington DC.

This is just a short list of the over 22 cities taking part in this event.  Turnout in some of these cities is expected to peak over 1,500!

Date: Saturday, April 4th. 2009.
Time: 3:00PM, at the sound of the airhorn (Show up at least 5 minutes early)
Place: TBA on our website on April 4th
 @ 12:01AM

For those who don't know about these pillow fights, they are quite fun and simple!

Show up at 2:55pm, remain inconspicuous to the best of your abilities.  Hide your pillow in bags, big jackets, random trees.

At 3pm, you'll hear an air horn with an additional visual signal, rush in and pillow fight away.

The rules for this pillow fight are pretty straight forward:

1. Bring a pillow, a soft one is preferred
2. Don't hit anyone without a pillow
3. If you are wearing glasses, make sure you take them off.
4. Don't hit people with cameras
5. Go all out!

Costumes are of course encouraged. This event is child-appropriate!

Invite your friends, family and co-workers. Spread the word!  Last year was a great turnout, we can break 1,000 participants this year.  Let's put Boston on the International Pillow Fight Map!

Lets shake some dust!

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