Water Is Coming

Date: August 3rd 2:00PM
Location: TBA

Hark! The Seven Kingdoms of Boston lay in peril, and the throne sits empty. You must rally to support your noble house and help your one true King or Queen lay claim to their rightful place.

Put down your lemon cakes and grab a fresh set of small clothes, as it is time to do battle. Water battle. Aqua Morghulis.


--Bring your own supply of water: the battle will wane as our supplies do, and then our neighbors will sing our praises through the ages.
--No water balloons. We'll send you to The Wall if you disobey.
--Avoid squirting people with cameras and innocent bystanders.
--Have fun!

Declare your allegiance to one of Boston's Great Houses and Kingdoms by wearing the appropriate color to the battle:

Red: SomerVale
Yellow: Dornechester
Blue: Freymouth
Orange: BackBaelish
Green: Brooklinister
Grey: DreadFort Point

The location will be announced the night before, as our scouts determine the perfect battleground.

Make sure you pick up a water gun early, they sell out as the summer progresses.

And remember to RSVP on the Facebook page!

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